Which Style Of Bed Is Most Popular?

Which Style Of Bed Is Most Popular?

Beds are an essential part of the living room. They provide comfort, better sleep, and enhanced organization and help stress reduction. However, when it comes to buying a new bed online, there are several different styles to consider. Read on to learn more about canopy beds, panel beds, and low-profile beds. Then, decide which style best suits you.

Canopy beds:

A classic style of bed, canopy beds can be as simple or ornate as the homeowner desires. They generally stand around seven feet high and are best suited for bedrooms with high ceilings. They create a stunning focal point in any room and add structure to the sleeping area. Just the sight of them can induce sleep. Not only have that, but they also help with stress relief, making them a perfect addition to any bedroom.

Panel beds:

Panel beds have been one of the most popular styles of beds for years. They are typically taller than other types of beds and come with a box spring that adds several inches to the height. This can make it difficult to maintain the distance between the bed frame and the floor. In addition, panel beds are less expensive.

Low-profile beds:

Low-profile beds are usually low-profile platform beds. They are not as high as a traditional bed and blend into any bedroom setting. They are cozy and comfortable and are perfect for resting. This style of bed is not as high as a standard bed and allows for a box spring to be used. It also eliminates the need for under-bed storage.

Metal frames:

If you’re looking for a modern style of bed, metal frames are the way to go. Metal bed frames are easy to assemble. Some models don’t require any tools while others can be assembled by a handyman. However, it’s important to note that a metal frame may not be the right fit for your home if you have limited storage space.

Coastal style beds:

Coastal-style beds are synonymous with the beach. The decor of coastal bedrooms is filled with light, airy colors and natural materials. The bed should be comfortable yet elegant. Wood and rattan are popular materials used for beach bed frames. These bed frames can have a panel headboard or be made from wood that is painted a light grey.